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                中文| English


                XDJ061a-XXXYYY 6W series built-in bare board power adapter features:

                Certified: ETL UL FCC CE GS CB BS PSE KC SAA C-TICK RCM DOE ERP CCC CQC VDE, etc.

                1. small size, light weight, fashionable appearance, full seal and easy to carry.

                2. high performance price ratio and high reliability.

                3. input characteristics: voltage: 100-240VAC + 10%; frequency: 50/60Hz; current: 0.2A Max;

                The starting time is 3sMax; the starting current is 20A/240VAC Max;

                4. output features: constant voltage mode; high precision, low noise; hold time: 20mS Min;

                5. built in overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection;

                6. environment: working temperature: 0 -40, 5%-90%RH;

                Storage temperature: -20 C -85 C, 5%-95%RH;

                7. cooling mode: natural cooling;

                8. Safety standards: IEC 60950-1, GB-4943, GB-19510, GB-8898, UL1310, UL60950, IEC 60601, IEC 61347, IEC 61558, etc.

                9. meet energy efficiency: ERP/CEC-VI standard;

                10. conform to ROHS standard and REACH standard;

                11. average failure rate: 50000 hours.

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